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    Having concluded the current round of funding, Sana is
    now raising a new round to further fund clinical trials.
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  • About

    We're a team of engineers, designers, and users who believe good sleep will improve the lives of millions. With the use of Sana, the world’s first truly smart sleep mask, we optimise your pathway to complete sleep, even if you suffer from severe insomnia.

    Our founder developed the first version to save his life after a life-threatening car accident. Since then we’ve tested 14 prototypes against 700+ users, and excited to be alumni of the hardware startup accelerator HAX in Shenzhen, China.


    Sana is the only solution available to help those with severe sleep problems, such as those caused by high anxiety or pain. Sana measures and tracks your overall state of health and vitality over time and uses this measure to tailor the device to get you to deep relaxation and sleep fast.

    Richard Hanbury

    Founder & CEO at Sana

  • Sana Sleep

    Your complete, natural, deep sleep in 10 minutes

    What happens when a 19 year old kid crashes a Jeep, breaks his back and is given a 5 year life expectancy due to the severity of chronic nerve damage pain caused?

    He invents a device to save himself, and then goes on a life-long quest to develop the tech to help potentially millions of others.


    This is the story of Sana, a wearable device that allows the wearer to put themselves to sleep in 10 minutes.


    Based on 24 years and 700+ individual trials of EEG-based research now converted into a device that anyone can use to put themselves to sleep anywhere. The team is focusing on the hardest core cases of PTSD induced insomnia and Chronic Pain insomnia, in order to help those in greatest need first. Clinical trials are scheduled for 2017 with USCF chronic pain clinic, data analysis with Stanford Sleep Labs and PTSD with the UK military. This will be available to the general public from early 2018.

  • How It Works

    Take a look into how Sana works

    Light & Sound Stimulation

    No more counting sheep

    Through neuro-modulated light and sound stimulation, Sana guides your brain through the sequence of patterns (pat. pending) present in the very best natural sleep cycles - putting you into a deep and natural sleep.

    Heart Rate Variability Monitoring

    Small changes, big impact

    With an HRV sensor on the forehead, we can monitor the minor fluctuations in your nervous system, which allows us to tailor the Audio-Visual stimulation to your nervous system’s unique responses (pat. pend.). It also provides us with an incredible metric so you can track your overall health and well-being.

  • Research

    Sana has a long history of research working with some exceptional partners along the way


    Chronic Pain and sleep

    Sir Richard Branson

    Sleep - provided equipment and training 1996-1998 for Virgin Global Challenger balloons

    Solar Impulse

    Sleep - provided equipment and training for pilot sleep

    Combined Sleep Test 2015-16

    128 people tested 80% efficacy

    Mars Desert Research Station

    Sleep trials in simulated Mars environment

    London Stroke Association

    Balance improvement in stroke patients

    David Lewis Epilepsy Centre

    Treatment of epilepsy

    McLaren F1

    Driver performance; reaction speeds, endurance, fine motor skills

    British Rugby Lions

    Improving kicker performance

    Defence Evaluation Research Agency UK

    Clinical trial

    Special Air Service

    Marksmanship, endurance, fine motor skills (bomb disposal and weapon assembly)

    Special Boat service


    Royal Air Force

    Improving reaction speeds, and pilot performance, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

    Royal Marines




    Joint Services Intelligence Organisation

    Language learning and general skill acquisition

    US Marines



    Increasing resistance to G-loc

    US Navy

    Increasing resistance to motion sickness

    Want a Summary?

    For a summary of data please email richard@sana.io

  • Press & Testimonials

    Here's what other have to say about us

    Sana have been featured in the Engadget's article entitled Sana's smart sleep goggles for insomniacs will be out in 2018.

    Sana have been featured in the TechCrunch's article entitled Sana Health aims to stop insomnia with smart goggles.

    Sana have been featured in the TechCrunch's article entitled The rise of “Generation Health”.

    Testimonial from Swiss psychiatrist, balloonist and co-pilot of the first successful round-the-world solar flight - Solar Impulse.

    Sana and HAX featured on DR TV's segment 'So ein Ding: Kreativ i Kina'

    Sana in TransTech 200, an annual list of the key innovators who are driving technology for mental and emotional wellbeing forward.

    Richard Hanbury of Sana featured on the BBC: 'Phenomenal Sight' Of Plane Take-Off

  • The Team

    We've got a top notch team!

    Founder & CEO

    Devoted and driven, Richard is the foundation upon which our product is built, focusing on business development and research at Sana.





    Incredibly talented, Dr. James, with a PhD in Computer Science and years of experience, takes the lead on the technology front at Sana.




    Design Lead

    Passionate and research-driven, user-centred designer Matthew, heads up the creative and communication ends here at Sana.




    Hong Kong based Industrial Design Partner

    San Jose, CA based Product Development Partner

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